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Press conference

Camacho: “It’s great that so many people recognise you”

In La Rosaleda’s mixed zone, Blue and Whites’ midfielder, Ignacio Camacho analyses 2015/16 after Málaga-Las Palmas: “I’m very grateful to the fans.”

Satisfactory assessment

“I’m thrilled with everything we’ve done over the season, and the way in which we finished.  We improved on last year’s statistics, and there are only positive things for this team, this great group, great fans and great Club.”

The dressing room: a family

“Four or five months ago we were at the bottom of the table.  However, the team managed to turn the situation around.  We’re a big family, that’s what’s important, there are a lot of friends here, and it’s wonderful ending the season like this.”

Standing ovation by La Rosaleda

“I’m very grateful to the fans, I’ve been here a long time and of course, I’ve felt the fans’ affection.  I certainly felt it today, and it’s great that so many people recognise your day to day work.”

Sheikh Al Thani

“We’re appreciative of him being here with us, it’s important for the Club and the people.  Although he’s far away and concerned about the Club every day; for the people to see him here is great for the Club and for him too, so he can also experience the fans’ affection.”