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Press conference

Buenacasa: “I was excited to come to Málaga”

The striker has been officially presented as a new Blue and White player at La Rosaleda. “I’m a dynamic forward who will try to score goals and help my teammates”, he stated.

Sergio Buenacasa, who debuted yesterday against his former team (SD Ponferradina) and wore the number ‘17’ jersey, was accompanied in the ‘Juan Cortés’ press room by the Club’s general manager, Richard Shaheen, together with Manolo Gaspar. “Thank you to Sergio for making everything so easy to incorporate him into the team. We had it under control for a while and were in no doubt. He was on a positive line but due to his unfortunate injury we were able to incorporate him within the transfer market. Hopefully he’ll be fortunate to show the class of player he is. He can play as a forward, on the wing, he’s powerful, has a good shot from the front and a nose for goal”, said the Malaguista sports manager. 

Press conference | Buenacasa

Team and personal

“I’ve come to a very united group. A strong team prepared to face a competitive second round. From a personal point of view, I’m happy with my debut and arriving at a highly encouraging La Rosaleda. I’m ready for what’s to come and to support the team in any way I can”.

“I had a pre-season injury, which conditioned me somewhat to have the importance I wanted with ‘Ponfe’. I’m super happy at Málaga, it’s a thousand times better, and as a player I always try to give my all. I’m a dynamic forward who likes to run, find spaces on the pitch, try to score goals and help my teammates”.

Squad and humility

“I see a strong team, the squad has important players with great experience and hard work. We don’t need to set any long-term goals, we need to stay humble, but knowing that we’re Málaga, which means responsibility. Now’s the time to focus on the three points for the upcoming match against ‘Fuenla’”.


“I was unhappy with my role on the team, I spoke to Mallorca and certain options arose, and the one that excited me was coming to Málaga. ‘Ponfe’ didn’t provide any obstacle and I’m grateful to them for understanding my situation. I’m excited to play the second round of the competition with Málaga”.


“The coach knows the Club perfectly well and knows what is represents for Málaga. There was no time to make major changes, but he has encouraged the team. The team performed well yesterday, now we need to improve bit by bit”.