Brandon: “I’m leaving with a bitter taste”

The team’s goal-scorer in #MálagaCartagena held a post-match press conference. “A win would have given us a bit of breathing space, we deserved it and really wanted victory at La Rosaleda,” he said.


28/02/2022 23:55

Brandon, who scored the Blue and White goal in the match against Cartagena, spoke to the media after the game.

Firstly, he talked about his feelings after #MálagaCartagena. “I’m leaving with a bitter taste, I wish the goal could have given us three points, we really need them,” he said.

He also analysed the match: “It was fairly even. In the second half we had clear goal opportunities yet in the end we were left looking foolish. It’s also our fault, yet it goes hand in hand with the dynamics and the fear that they can catch us in a counter.” He went on to affirm that “we have to win as soon as possible so that the fans are with us and we can have more peace of mind.”

In an attempt to turn the page, he said: “We wanted a win, it wasn’t to be and we must learn from it. Now we’re concentrating on victory away from home, against a direct rival in Amorebieta”.

Brandon focused on the positives: “The team competed well, we played a serious game. However, he also recognised that “everything that can go wrong, is going wrong.” The Malaguista striker confessed that “we need to stay calm before the next match, if we play like we played today, we’ll move closer to the three points.”

Going back to the game, he said: “A win would have given us a bit of breathing space, we deserved it despite the poor dynamic, and really wanted victory at La Rosaleda, but it wasn’t to be.”

In relation to his personal performance, he said: “I felt pretty comfortable, I want to play and always try to bring my best to the team. Luckily, I was able to score tonight, it’s just a pity it didn’t get us three points. One point is better than none though, and it’s good to have continuity of play.”