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Ayala: “It was like something out of a movie”

The Malaguista coach spoke to the media following the penalty shoot-out that led MCFF to the next round of the Copa de la Reina.

Ayala was excited at the significance of today for the team. “It was like something out of a movie,” he affirmed. On such a big day, the Malaguista coach is thrilled by the experience at La Rosaleda, on the pitch and in the stands: “You could hear the fans, we were still nervous. It was, and will be, unforgettable. It will go down in MCFF’s history, like so many other achievements this Club has accomplished,” said the coach.

The 90 minutes and extra time weren’t enough for either side to take the lead. Ayala recognises the players’ physical exhaustion following this match: “Both teams worked incredibly hard, to the point of exhaustion. If the result tips in our favour, all the better.”

On such an important day, the Malaguista coach had a clear message to convey to his girls: “It's great that they give their all. We had to go into the dressing room thanking the Club and the fans for coming to support us, with their heads held high for having given everything they had.”

Lastly, Ayala thanks the 2,245 Malaguistas who came to La Rosaleda this afternoon to support the team: “These fans are great, they love football. It doesn’t matter if it’s the male or female team, if it’s Málaga CF they support them,” he concluded.