Arnau: “I trust this group”

Francesc Arnau held a press conference to analyse the summer transfer window which has recently come to an end. “My role is to unite all the facets of the Club” states the sports director.


13/09/2017 14:26

Press conference | Complete analysis (transfer market)

“There are a number of situations in reference to the ‘League salary’, which have influenced the planning this season a great deal. In the 2015/16 season, when we were given an important ‘League salary’, there were certain increases in television rights, which allowed us to make some significant investments. The budget included a sales forecast, and that year no sales were made. In addition, aside from these investments, was the commitment to the re-purchase of the rights of Camacho, so that’s to say, sales were in fact zero.

“Although it doesn’t seem like it, this has been ongoing, and in financial terms and numbers for the ‘League salary’, it’s been dragging from other years. It’s not just something that happens at Málaga, it happens in all teams. When they gave us the ‘League salary’, there was a reduction in quantity, without yet having made any operations. Not Sandro, not Camacho, not Fornals. Revenue from television rights also decreased, as one of the determining factors are the historic rankings of the last five years. Then came the payment of Sandro’s clause, where we almost balanced the ‘League salary’ from the previous season, and then came the sale of Camacho and the payment of Pablo Fornals’ buyout clause.

“In regard to Camacho, and the 13 million euros received from his sale, plus certain objectives, the money entered the Club, but LaLiga doesn’t allow you to use this money as ‘League salary’. There are a series of conditions, particularly the contractual or financial aspect. We re-purchased 45 per cent of Camacho’s rights.

“Therefore, in regard to the amount received from Camacho’s sale, this must be discounted to have that money to use as ‘League salary’. As such, from the net sale of Camacho, which was 13 million euros, minus the amounts deducted from the re-purchase of the rights, assures us that we almost balanced the ‘League salary’ with Sandro, allowing to increase the investment a little, from what the ‘League salary’ previously permitted.

“With the 11 million from Pablo, things open up much more and the possibilities are huge, both on an investment level and ‘League salary’. If before Pablo we had the ‘League salary’ insured plus a small investment, with Pablo we’ve increased this ‘League salary’, and made investments. We needed to divide Pablo between the two, not 50 per cent.

“In the first phase, in the call up to Sandro, we began to sign players who we would call free, who had a free transfer or were on loan. From there we entered into the operations of Roberto, Cenk Gönen, Andrés Prieto, Baysse, Adrián, and then the loaned players, Borja Bastón and Kuzmanovic. A separate mention for Juankar, who is here due to a barter for Horta for a change of percentages, of which Horta we will maintain. Basically, with this operation, the 100 per cent federative rights of Horta belong to Braga, and we have 100 per cent of Juankar, not the economic ones.

“Furthermore, we also incorporated players from the Academy. This has always been a constant, and we’ve tried to do it in two ways. The incorporation of players who have already appeared in the first team and who are already consolidated, as was Pablo at the time, who one year was moving between Malagueño and the first team. Then last season was his first being part of the first team, although he still wore the number from the reserve team. This season Ontiveros moved up, who now wears a first team number, as well as En-Nesyri, who is also part of the first team. Now Mula is participating, and is swapping between the ‘B’ and the first team. However, now the coach, due to Mula’s own merits, is using him as a first team player.

“Then we moved to the second phase with the sale of Camacho, and the payment of Pablo Fornals’ clause, where we can say that we had resources to make investments. We spoke about a case, Jorge Meré, who had been loaned before, but didn’t come here in the end as he signed to Cologne. We were on the brink of signing him, the transfer here was to be a loan, which then allowed us to bring Diego González. We paid a small transfer, and as you know, Sevilla FC kept a re-purchase option during the first three years. Following that we signed Cecchini, Rolón, and ended with striker, Rolan. We acquired three young players; Diego, Cecchini and Rolón, as an investment, each with their corresponding transfers, and Rolan who is on loan, a little like an increase in ‘League salary’. I understand it was crucial to reinforce upfront, and that we had to use our resources perhaps more in salary than in an investment, and bet on a young player.

“I think we found exits for everyone, which were good for both parties – Málaga and the players. So we’ll have to see how they work, loans and departures, to determine if we can re-value the players who, at this time, couldn’t be part of the team.

“There have been different cases, for example Kameni, with the incorporation of Roberto, he was given a free transfer to enable him to sign to Fenerbahçe; Koné moved to Strasbourg on loan with an option to buy; Tighadouini the same, loan with a purchase option at Twente; Michael Santos, with Sporting de Gijón, a separate mention for him as it was a very important investment for the Entity, and we believe he would have had few sporting opportunities here this year, and we hope he’ll be re-valued there. This operation, to avoid any doubt, will always be under the control of Málaga CF, although there may be a loan by Sporting, but control will always be in the hands of Málaga CF. If Málaga CF wants, the player will be here next year.

“Additionally, another avenue has opened, allowing Academy players to move between the first team and Malagueño, should they perhaps require a little more maturity to remain on the first team.  We loaned out Mikel Villanueva, a pure, hard loan, to Cádiz CF, and Luis Muñoz to Lugo. Also, Javi Jiménez didn’t have a definite place on the first team, and Malagueño was a bit small for him, as he had some Second Division offers. We transferred him with a re-purchase option, so we have control of this player and will be able to buy him in the future”. 


Press conference | Present


“Many things were taken into consideration. The first phase with the arrival of free players, aged between 27 and 30. We then moved on to the subject of re-investment in young players, who need time because of their age. In addition, we sought players, on loan, which didn’t involve an investment cost. I’m happy with what was achieved and I trust this group. We want to create a squad to take on all the difficulties and joys of a football team”.

Cecchini, Rolón and Rolan

“They are young players, coming from a league with a different pace to this one, so we’re giving them time to adapt. Rolan is on loan without an option to buy. Rolón is another member of the team, and I will treat him with the same affection as the others to enable him to give his best performance”.

Union and calm

“I’ve been here for 17 years. I know every aspect of the Club and the job I try to do is to bring everyone together. My role is to unite all the facets of the Club, from our president right down to the bottom of the hierarchy. I am making every effort possible during these tough times. We need to do the impossible for things to relax and calm down somewhat. With different results, the atmosphere will be totally different. We must protect the team so that they can work peacefully”.

Míchel and the team

“We have to work with what we have, and focus on bringing out the best performance from the team. Míchel has my utmost support, he has the ability to move this project forward. He motivates the team very well, has never lost face in any game, and it’s only a question of time before results arrive. The players know what they have to do at any given time. They give their all and are keen to change the dynamic. They’re a strong group, who know the Spanish League, they’re mature, and they themselves will do all they can to get out of this situation”.