Andalusian senses

We have players from the majority of the provinces that make up our Autonomous Community, but… how much do they know about our land? Today we put their five senses to the test!


28/02/2021 08:56

Like every 28th February, Andalusians celebrate our BIG DAY. Despite COVID-19, our region’s song is sung in schools and the traditional bread with oil dish gains even more prominence during the first meal of the day.

All five senses fall in love with Andalucía, but how much do we know about it?

We’ve called-up one player per province; María Cortés from Sevilla, Caye from Huelva, Ismael from Jaén, Andrea Romero from Granada, Juande from Córdoba, Cristian from Cádiz, Encarni from Málaga, and from Almería…well we don’t have anyone who was born in Almería, but Yanis Rahmani was keen to take part.  His fluency and knowledge of the area surprised us!

Would you recognise the city of Cádiz? Do you know the author of Guernica? How does rosemary smell? Do not miss it!

Happy Andalucía Day, Malaguista!

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16/09/2021 18:10 | Atlético Malagueño / La Academia / Málaga CF Female

MCF Academy match schedule

Atlético Malagueño are seeking a win in their first home game of the season at the Federación. In addition, Málaga CF Femenino will be in action at La Cañada following their great start to 1ª Nacional.

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MCF Academy match results

Defeat for Malagueño in Motril in their Tercera RFEF debut. The Juvenil 'A' also lost out at home to Granada in Liga Nacional following an away win in the season opener, whilst the Cadetes won in the División de Honor.