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Press conference

Alfonso Herrero: “It's wonderful how people have supported us”

The Malaguista goalkeeper appeared in the press room after the home win against Ibiza: “The team has taken a small step forward and we have to continue along this line to bring a great deal of joy,” he stated.


Very happy with the work the team has done, with the sensations we are finding. Let's enjoy the victory and think about what's coming up. We have a lot of work ahead of us."


La Rosaleda, another level

I've been saying it all year, signing for Málaga was not a question of category but of experiencing games like this one. It’s wonderful how people have supported us, it is not paid or seen at all grounds. Very happy to be here, may the team continue along this line and bring a lot of joy to the people.”



Ibiza have very good players and they made the game difficult for us. We are in a good dynamic, we cannot deviate from this path. We had some falls and we have to stay up. It doesn't matter who is in front, if we find our level we can compete against anyone. This a rival to beat who does things very well.”


Intense match

It was a game with many near miss yellow cards. The referee handled it better in some moments than in others. We must concentrate on ourselves, we can’t focus on rivals and referees’ decisions. They knew how to play a game that made it very difficult, but the team has taken a step forward and we have to continue along this line.”


Match by match

We have to take each match at a time and see how they develop. We are in a good moment and we have to take advantage of it, but without forgetting where we come from. The falls have given us strength to feel comfortable on the pitch. We are going to continue and the goal is to do our best every weekend, and see where it takes us at the end of the season.”