Adrián: “There’s no choice but to pick ourselves up”

The second captain of the Malaguista squad appeared in the mixed zone at La Rosaleda: “There are going to be some very hard days ahead”.


15/06/2019 23:55

Tough day

“A hard day for everyone. The team, the Club, the fans… The feeling is the season was escaping us in the final 15 minutes of the second half in Coruña. The team enjoyed a good regular season, it’s a long competition and very tight. There are going to be some very hard days ahead”.

Work without reward

“We tried, in both matches we tried to win. Today we were insistent, but the truth is the rival held back and defended well, and we didn’t have the fortune of getting ahead on the scoreboard to try and give that final push”.

Heads held high

“Many thanks. They are a very important part of the Club and the city. Next season will soon be here, and there’s no choice but to pick ourselves up and prepare for what’s to come”.

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