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Press conference

Adrián: “The team’s dynamic makes you feel stronger”

One of the Málaga CF captains, Adrián González held a press conference this Wednesday at La Rosaleda. “It would be important to end the year with a win”, he stated.

Physical condition

“Good, I’m good now. Last week I was training pretty well and now the injury is completely forgotten. I’m grateful to the medics here, also for what I was able to do at home, and the good predisposition of our doctor, which allowed me the possibility to do things. Also, the desire to try and help the team in such a good situation as we’re experiencing now. The team’s dynamic always gives you a boost and makes you feel physically stronger and able to overcome any challenge”.

Next match

“We’re now enjoying a more positive streak, above all after the victory in Mallorca. It would be important to end the year with a win, as the competition is difficult and the teams at the top with us are scoring a lot of points. It would be positive to win three points at such a tough stadium as Ovideo”.

First round

“I’d like to reach a round figure of 40 points, that would mark a pretty good first round. We’ve got sufficient possibilities to be able to do that, but our first concern now is the match against Oviedo and the three points at stake. Then we’ll have a few days off which will be good for us to rest for a bit”.

Message to Malaguismo

“Merry Christmas to all Malaguistas, may they have a great start to the New Year and hopefully this weekend we’ll celebrate the festive season with the joy of winning three points. We’ll be waiting for the fans on Three Kings’ Day to try and win the three points against Reus to remain at the top part of the table”.