Adrián: “It doesn’t help to think that we can’t be saved, as it’s possible”

Blue and Whites’ player, Adrián González held a press conference earlier today following training at the Ciudad de Málaga: “We trust in trying to win every game”, he says.


13/02/2018 13:51

Living in the present

“It’s always tough to pick yourself up after a defeat, regardless of your place in LaLiga standings. We have to make an extra effort as the results haven’t gone our way for a long time, and particularly because of the position we’re in. However, every Monday we have to go out there with excitement and enthusiasm, that’s what I do. It’s important we concentrate on living in the present, beyond looking back or what the future may hold, as that won’t help us at all. We must focus on the here and now, knowing that at the weekend we have another important match, so we need to work with the required degree of intensity and eagerness to move forward”.


“It’s also essential that we are realistic and know that in our situation the most important thing is to start scoring goals and winning. Looking at rivals is of little use if we don’t do our job”.

José González

“The coach is someone who knows football, who arrived here full of enthusiasm and keen to work hard and, of course, turn this situation around. I will back him to the hilt because since he got here he has shown me great respect, not just as a person but as a player, and also showed me his confidence. I live in the present, and if we look to the past or the future, things could become more difficult”.


“We trust in trying to win every game from here until the end of the season, as it’s the only thing that counts. If we don’t have that confidence and vision that we can defeat any rival, we won’t be able to select matches in the calendar. We are in a critical situation, we need to be realistic”.


“The situation isn’t the most positive, it you look at the standings in the newspaper on a Monday, it appears very bleak. Within the dressing room, it doesn’t help to think that we’re in a situation in which we can’t be saved, as that’s not real. It’s been shown that it’s possible in other situations, so we must do what we need to do and remain professional”.

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