Adrián: "A match is coming up where we can take a step forward”

Málaga CF captain, Adrián González held a press conference today at the Ciudad de Málaga press room: “We know that if we win, we’ll overtake various teams and we’ll see ourselves in a more comfortable position”, he stated.


03/12/2019 14:41


“I’ve recovered, I’m now back at the same pace as the whole team and eager to play after missing out on four matches. The truth is I felt uncomfortable staying at home without being able to be with the team and travel with them. It was so good to re-join the guys and prepare for Friday’s game which we’re really looking forward to”.

An important match at home

“It’s a very important match, of that we have to be clear. Right now, they are in a similar situation to us, and we know that if we win, we’ll overtake various teams and we’ll see ourselves in a more comfortable position to affront the two matches before Christmas. It’s a good opportunity as we’re playing at home. Furthermore, the Club is doing its part with a promotion to ensure as many Malaguistas are there for this match, and then the one against Lugo, which I think is very positive. The fans never let us down, they are always there and I’m sure there’ll be a great atmosphere on Friday. Hopefully we can give them something back in the form of victory for all their support this season”.

Focused on the sport

“The situation outside of the sport itself is there, but as I’ve said on many occasions, we’ll move closer to finding the solution if we do things well from a sporting aspect, which I’m sure will generate further investment or whatever is required. We don’t believe there is anything new or interesting to tell the team that would distract them from focusing solely on football, which is the most important thing. As captain of the team, I don’t think it’s fair to be thinking about other things. I don’t feel like that, I don’t think it should be like that, which is why I’m staying calm about everything. Time will tell what happens, but I think everyone knows how happy I am here, how identified I feel within the Club, how much I love the city, how comfortable I am and how I feel about the people who work here. I feel like this is my home, despite having only been here for three years”.


“It’s my turn to be captain, and I am captain because I want to be. If I thought I wasn’t prepared to face various situations that can arise over the season, it would be unjust to take on the role within the team. I do it with pride and joy representing the team, representing Málaga and, above all, with the pride that the fans have a little more affection towards me every day and make me feel like another one of them.”


“It’s difficult and unfair to ask any more from them, as they’ve been exceptional. They never let us down, they always support us despite the circumstances, they are not to blame for what’s happening to their Club. Their attitude towards us and their constant support always gives us a boost. If, at the end of the season, after supporting us like this, behaving as they have done, and showing us all this affection, they decide to express themselves in another way on the last day, for making some sort of criticism, it would seem fair. I cannot say absolutely anything to them, only thank them on behalf of myself and my teammates. I’m sure it will be like this until matchday 42, as their behaviour and support will not change, not at La Rosaleda nor away from home as they always travel to support the team. This shows the greatness of Málaga, the Club and the fans”.

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