AD Alcorcón-Málaga CF (1-4)

One of Málaga CF’s best away victories, in terms of gameplay and result, in the Club’s history in the Second Division of Spanish football.


25/03/2020 16:55

The victory at Santo Domingo marked a before and after in the 18/19 season, renewing hopes among Malaguismo, with the fans greatly enjoying their team’s football.

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Talking about... La Rosaleda

22/03/2020 20:18 | Report

Domingo’s match

Historian from the MCF Foundation, Domingo Muñoz brings us a ‘non-match’ featuring the now extinct Club Deportivo Málaga.

22/03/2020 17:00 | First team

Málaga CF-RC Deportivo (3-2)

The emotion of coming back from trailing on the scoreboard and going on to win with a goal in the closing stages is unparalleled.

22/03/2020 17:00 | First team

Málaga CF-Sevilla FC (4-2)

In the final stages of the 16/17 season, Míchel’s Málaga won and entertained with undeniable victories, especially at Martiricos.