A very special match… for Basti

A Malaguista legend and icon in Albacete, Sebastián Fernández Reyes ‘Basti’ will enjoy Friday’s match in a very special way, at La Rosaleda, between Málaga CF and Albacete Balompié.


10/10/2018 19:18

The current member of the MCF Foundation’s Social Department spoke to MCFTV two days ahead of Málaga CF’s upcoming LaLiga 1|2|3 match against Albacete at Martiricos.

“It’s very special, two cities and two teams where I’ve felt like a football player. I only have words of thanks for both sets of supporters”, says Basti, idolised by the Blue and Whites’ fans for his goals and charisma during his time as a player. “I’ve always been, to quote, your nice boy”. You’ve always been with me and I’ve been growing with the Malaguista fans”.

However, Basti also left his mark in Castilla La Mancha. “Albacete is very welcoming, I felt very loved there and there was a ‘peña’ called ‘Súper Basti’, he said.

“It would be a dream to see Málaga in the First Division along with Albacete. For me it would be great to see my two teams in the elite”, says the iconic former player.

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A #SiempreFuerte evening

The Museo Picasso hosted a beautiful gala on Wednesday night, organised by the MCF Foundation, with true examples of solidarity, overcoming adversity and respect in the province receiving awards.

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Basti puts Samu and Chelsea to the test!

MCFTV brings you a unique penalty shoot-out with Basti as the only shooter and reserve team keeper, Samu Casado, and Málaga Femenino keeper, Chelsea as the ‘rivals’, to see who can save the most penalties. Who will win?