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Press conference

A Herrero: “We have to recover; there are lots of games left”

The goalkeeper appeared in the press room following the match against Castellón: “This is very long, we have to keep working.”

Recovering from defeat

“It was a hard-fought match, with two teams that have tried to play similarly. They found themselves with a goal in the second half that was a blow to us. We kept insisting until the end but we’re annoyed with the loss. There are lots of games left, but the team is upset. We have to recover, this is very long and we must keep working.”

Focus on Granada

“We are fighting for the same goal that we all have in mind, getting the team back to where it deserves to be. We have to clear our minds, there are 18 matches to go and we are going to need the people. Now we must think about the next game and recover from tonight’s defeat.”

Comfortable with the system

“We’ve been working on this system for quite some time. It was good for us to face Castellón, we equalled them on the pitch and kept them under control. We could take out a central defender without being left uncovered. It's a way of playing, the team was comfortable, it's an interesting system.”