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Málaga CF Female

Women’s team keeps the dream alive (0-5)

The Blue and Whites secured a 0-5 away win against La Rambla to maintain their place at the top of the standings with 55 points.

Málaga CF Femenino defeated AD FB La Rambla by 0-5 on matchday 20 of Segunda División Nacional Femenina Group IV. Goals from Adriana, María R., Meri and Karina led to their 12th consecutive victory.

The locals imposed a tough defence to crack, and despite chances for the Blue and Whites with various shots by Pamela and Paula – who crashed the ball against the post in minute 33 of play – Málaga didn’t manage to open the scoring until 41’. Adriana scored the first goal of the game. The captain made the most of a ball that Raquel sent to the post, and from the small area, sank the ball into the back of the La Rambla goal. Equality no longer prevailed from that moment, and with a 0-1 lead, the first half came to an end, although Málaga didn’t have a really clear glimpse at goal.

In the second half, Contreras’ girls came out raring to go. This level of intensity translated into a superb header from María R straight into the goal, taking her team to a 0-2 lead. The Malaguistas went from strength to strength, and in 68’, Adriana, from a free kick, scored the 0-3 for the Blue and Whites. The coach made some changes, giving minutes to Farfán in place of María R. Following the substitution, in minute 77, Meri made it 0-4 with a direct shot a long way away from the area, and two minutes later, Karina, who joined the match, took advantage of a perfect shot from Farfán to seal the 0-5 result. The 0-5 final result after 90 minutes gives Málaga Femenino their 12th win on the bounce, to stay in pole position (55 points).


Match stats:

0- AD FB La Rambla: Ana, Patri, Paloma, Isa, Eva, Sara, Munzón, Andrea, Marta, Ali and Meli – starting 11 - Eli, Mª Loli and Guigui.

5- Málaga CF Femenino: Alba, Ruth, Postigo, Meri, Encarni, Pamela, Raquel, Paula, María R., Sheila and Adriana – starting 11 - Chelsea, Noelia, Karina, Farfán and Kerlly.

Goals: 0-1 (Adriana, 41’); 0-2 (María R. 53’); 0-3 (Adriana 68’); 0-4 (Meri, 77’); 0-5 (Karina, 79’).

Referee: Patricia Luna Varó.

Information: Match corresponding to Segunda División Nacional Femenina Group IV matchday 20, held at La Rambla municipal ground.