With Seinsur everything is under control

The full solution service company is responsible for enforcing all the protocols marked at the accesses to la Rosaleda.


26/06/2019 12:55

In order to ensure everything goes well during matches played at La Rosaleda, there are many things that have to run like clockwork. One of the most important is Seinsur, a Málaga full solution service company that is in charge of all the access controls and support services to all the departments within the Club.

In the words of Miguel Márquez, manager of Seinsur they are “the men and women in black who are in charge of ensuring everything is carried out in accordance with the set protocol”. The firm’s relationship with Málaga CF is extensive and the link to the Club is strong. “Now more than ever we have to be within this organisation so that it can return to the First Division”, he explained.

“We belong to the MBC as we are committed to this way of strengthening the internal communication and business traffic within Málaga society”, he said in regard to Málaga CF’s Business Club. If you want to know more about them, visit their website:

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