With San Miguel, we’ll win this match together

The beer company has been part of the big Malaguista family for years. The link between both entities is historic, also during these times of confinement.


25/04/2020 16:57

During these tough times, the Club is no stranger to the economic problems caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. From a business aspect, we show our support to our great family of sponsors and members of the Málaga Business Club, known as The MBC.

One of our beloved sponsors and members of the business family is San Miguel. Like everybody else, the beer company is looking forward to returning to the bars and everyone enjoying its products. Until then, the leading company of this sector in Spain is at the service of all bar and restaurant owners as #WeWillWinThisMatchTogether.

San Miguel supporting bar and restaurant owners

Mahou San Miguel is a family beer company, 100% Spanish and a leader in the sector in our country. During these times when the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the nation, the multinational brand is focusing on the hospitality industry in Spain with the aim of helping its recovery.

San Miguel will replace the barrels that have been left open during the lockdown and, in addition, will deliver additional beer and water in a returnable format. Within this initiative, Mahou San Miguel wants to contribute to easing the economic impact the restrictions have caused to bars and restaurants, providing them with products so they can resume activity at less expense.

Furthermore, the beer company has launched another campaign called ‘Ahora Más Que Nunca’ (‘Now More Than Ever’), a crowdfunding platform to enable people to support establishments during this time of closure as well as when they re-open. Donations can be made via

With the hope that normality will soon be restored, and bars will re-open, the Mahou San Miguel Foundation is also developing a plan to support the employment of young people and therefore help bar and restaurant owners when activity resumes.

#AhoraMásQueNunca, together against COVID-19.

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The memory of Tesesa

We bring an end to this series of sponsors with our main sponsor, Tesesa. For another year a Malagueña and Malaguista business will be featured on the shirt, a total example of commitment, faith and above all, memory.

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The commitment of Mi Colchón

One of the most visible parts of the new Málaga CF jersey will feature Mi Colchón. A committed business that joins our cause at a decisive time.