What a Happy Birthday!

Around 4,000 Malaguistas brought light, soul and Blue and White colour to the stands at La Rosaleda, to celebrate its 80th birthday during an emotional event full of unforgettable moments.


06/10/2021 13:10

The celebrations kicked off at 20:00 led by journalist Ana Mari Romero and the Malaguista icon and visible face of the MCF Foundation, Sebastián Fernández Reyes ‘Basti’.

Everyone fell in love with Iván Peláez at the beginning with his musical theme ‘Azul y Blanco’, surrounded by the boys and girls from The Academy, MCF School and Málaga Genuine. Tribute was paid to those affected by the Sierra Bermeja fire and La Palma volcano, before, as happens in life, going from something so tragic to adding humour and joy to the proceedings, despite the difficulties. A hurricane named Tomás García made everyone laugh out loud with a hilarious Malaguista monologue.

Then it was the turn of a series of interviews with the three main institutional organisations (City Hall, Diputación and Junta de Andalucía) represented by Francisco de la Torre, Mayor of the city, Francis Salado and José María Arrabal.

After seeing the projection of La Rosaleda’s special 80th birthday logo on the giant screen in the Preferencia section, Club adviser, Francisco Martín Aguilar along with Manolo Gaspar and Duda, sporting director and Academy director, dedicated a few lovely words to the Blue and White stadium. There was also the presence of iconic families of the Club such as the Zambrana, Pérez-Frías and the Perales families, who all sang Happy Birthday in unison.

In the closing stages of the event, emotion and even tears flooded the Blue and White hearts. The broadcast of an emotional documentary that condensed a good part of La Rosaleda and Málaga’s history under all its denominations, voiced by Javier Ojeda and La Nieta del Dulcero, preceded the end of the celebrations. This was followed by a ‘Qué bonito es…’ featuring the voices of fans from the Grada de Animación wearing the commemorative birthday t-shirts along with the Tribuna stand crowd.

Málaga, Málaga, Málaga! and Málaga, La Bombonera echoed throughout the ground, shaking the foundations of the Blue and White stadium.

Thanks to all our sponsors, particularly our ‘magnificent’ premium sponsor, San Miguel, the best possible companion at this unforgettable party, as well as all the collaborators and people who made the event possible. A celebration that La Rosaleda and Málaga Club de Fútbol truly deserve. And, of course, thanks to the 3,700 fans who gathered together as the great Malaguista Family we are. Long live Málaga and long live La Rosaleda!

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04/12/2021 10:24 | Málaga CF Foundation

Blas Infante, Super Basti’s playground

CEIP Blas Infante in Ciudad Jardín featured in another day of Blue and White Values yesterday. The big surprise at the end was the announcement of the future Sebastián Fernández ‘Súper Basti’ Malaguista Peña.

03/12/2021 14:53 | Training

A SUPERability session

The Malaguistas enjoyed a very special day at the Annexe, sharing training with Málaga Genuine players to commemorate #WorldDisabilityDay.