We’ll win this match together

The Malaguista Family is very, very large. One of the members is Sanamar, a sponsor of the Blue and White entity, and totally committed to our Málaga Genuine.


24/04/2020 16:39

During these tough times, the Club is no stranger to the economic problems caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. From a business aspect, we show our support to our great family of sponsors and members of the Málaga Business Club, known as The MBC.

We would like to share, beginning with Sanamar, how these companies with the Malaguista stamp are reinventing themselves, in a bid to get back to normal as soon as possible. With memory, commitment and faith, because #WeWillWinThisMatchTogether.

Sanamar reinvents itself

This business has over 40 years of experience in the food sector, specialising in the sale and manufacturing of frozen products. Currently, around 85% of Sanamar’s clients (restaurants, hotels, schools etc.) are closed due to the state of alarm in Spain.

Whilst the lockdown is still in place, Sanamar is focusing on private clients in Málaga and throughout the province. They are doing home deliveries at no cost, maintaining the highest quality and taking maximum precautions in terms of hygiene.

Via their website,, you can place orders of a wide selection of carefully prepared products. You can also send an email ( or WhatsApp (692310970), whilst the period of confinement remains.

In short, Sanamar is supporting Malagueños as they #StayHome with the hope that, sooner rather than later, business activity will return to normal.

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07/09/2020 18:57 | Business

The memory of Tesesa

We bring an end to this series of sponsors with our main sponsor, Tesesa. For another year a Malagueña and Malaguista business will be featured on the shirt, a total example of commitment, faith and above all, memory.

07/09/2020 17:59 | Business

The commitment of Mi Colchón

One of the most visible parts of the new Málaga CF jersey will feature Mi Colchón. A committed business that joins our cause at a decisive time.