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Málaga CF Female

“We’ll fight to bring joy to the Málaga fans”

Málaga CF Femenino coach, Antonio Contreras, and team captains, Adriana and Chelsea held a press conference ahead of the promotion play-offs to LaLiga Iberdrola.

On Sunday 6th May, at 17:00, the first promotion play-off clash to LaLiga Iberdrola will take place between Málaga CFF and CD Fermaguín at the Ciudad Deportiva de Cártama. Access to the public is free until the ground is complete.

Coach, Antonio Contreras, and his players, Adriana and Chelsea held a press conference at the Juan Cortés press room at La Rosaleda to present the match. 

Statements by Antonio Contreras

Objective, promotion

“We cannot fail, we must get to where this Club and these girls deserve, which is the First Division next season. I’m not thinking about anything else other than winning the three upcoming games and bringing joy to myself and the Club. That’s our goal, our idea. What better day than Mother’s Day to see our women’s team in action, giving their all on the pitch and trying to get where we deserve next season. That’s our objective and I’m certain, as that’s how I think, that we’ll achieve it”.

Emotion of the moment

“I’m trying to get closer to what the girls are experiencing, as it’s hard for me. I’ve tried to separate myself from the euphoria, but each time I think we’re three games away and this team could be in the First Division, I get goose bumps”.


Statements by Adriana

An honour to get where we are

“We’re facing a very difficult rival, but we need to keep doing what we’ve been doing up to now. Work hard, run more than the opponent and, above all, defend this shield as we’ve always done. It’s a true honour for us and a privilege to be where we are and fight to bring joy to the Málaga fans, which they deserve”.

Respect for a major rival, CD Femarguín

“They have a very complete team on all lines, but we’ve got this far because of our hard work, without focusing on what’s ahead of us. We must work the way we know how, as we’ve done all along. Although we’re preparing in a different way because it’s a tie, we must solely concentrate on what we need to do, play our game and fight until the last minute with respect”.


Statements by Chelsea

A great competition

“We’re now facing something we’ve achieved for ourselves. Being league champions, after so many years, is great for the Club and the city. Now we’ve got something wonderful coming up, it’ll be tough, but we’ll keep in mind that we know we can do it, have faith and continue working hard every day”.

Promotion hope

“We’re excited at making Málaga CF Femenino reaching the First Division a reality. We need the fans’ support, as they’ve been behind us all the way. Thanks to them, they’ve given us an extra boost to believe in ourselves”.