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“We need La Rosaleda to be like a pressure cooker on Monday”

The Málaga CF goalkeeper held a press conference following this Wednesday morning’s training, during the week before the clash with CA Osasuna: “This is for everyone, the whole of Málaga. We need to go all for one”.

Strengthened in goal

“I think we’re a highly consistent team and have been throughout the year. I believe we’ve had a run of eight games without defeat, which is extremely positive. We concede very few goals and defensively the team is doing really well. It’s true that in front of goal we’re not very fortunate, but I have full confidence in the squad, and in the end, we’ll win if we continue along this line”.

Always at the top part of the standings

“Up to now we haven’t left the top six positions in the table, which is a very tough thing to do. I don’t know if any other team has done the same in this league, which is why it has great merit and why there’s a great deal of work behind it. It hasn’t been given to us, we’re doing a consistently good job, the entire group is showing great professionalism and, being at the top isn’t handed to you on a plate. As for me, I’m happy to be able to help the team. It’s thanks to the effort of everyone defending well, sticking together and, above all, the level of commitment from all the players”.

Three vital points

“As it stands, we know that Monday’s game is crucial for us. There are three very valuable points at stake that we must keep at home. We need everyone’s support, and for everyone to truly believe we’ll get the three points. The fans’ support is essential because, as we saw in last weekend’s match, we managed to equalise due to the fans pushing us forward, and there was a lot of pressure on the referee. This time we’re playing at home and need everyone to cheer us on to make sure the points stay with us”.


“This is for everyone, the whole of Málaga, and we need Málaga to get behind us, as without their support it’s difficult. We need La Rosaleda to be like a pressure cooker on Monday in order for us to win the three points”.