“We knew it’d be a long road with obstacles, but we’re very much alive”

Malaguista defender, Luis Hernández appeared in the press room at the Ciudad de Málaga following morning training: “The competition is going to be very tight from here until the end”.


14/03/2019 14:02

Strong and prepared

“We’ve started preparing a new week with the same enthusiasm as always. The dressing room is strong, the players know what’s at stake, what the competition is about since it all started and there’s nothing that surprises us. We knew it’d be a long road and there were going to be obstacles. There are still three months of competition remaining and 13 games; we’re very much alive”.


“We’ve got two away games coming up but the only one we’re focusing on now is against Numancia. It’ll be a very difficult match, against a team in the comfortable zone of the standings, who plays good football and will certainly make things tough for us”.

Long season

“The objective of all Malaguistas is that next season Málaga are in the First Division. In this competition there are 18 contenders and a small group of six. The team has been in these top positions throughout the entire competition. This won’t be resolved within three or four matchdays, it will be resolved at the end”.


“We can say very little about the fans. They show us incredible support with their receptions and encouragement day after day. I ask them to continue trusting in the team. The team knew from matchday one that this would be very different to the First Division. There are 42 games with 18 teams fighting for the same objective. We’ve been in the top part of the table from the outset, there are 13 matches left, a lot of competition ahead of us. The team will continue to work hard, in the same way we’ve been doing all along, and with the fans by our side it will be much easier to achieve the objective”.

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