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Van den Brom: “Málaga want to show why they’re top of the group”

Anderlecht coach, John van den Brom, held a press conference today at the Ciudad de Málaga Athletics Stadium before the Belgian-based team’s training session, along with player Lucas Biglia.

Van den Brom

“Málaga want to show why they’re top of the group, and will perform as well as they can.”
“I’ve only got good things to say about Málaga, and I think they’ll go far in this competition.  They’ve performed so well in the group stage, and everything will depend on the match draw.”
“From a sporting point of view I’d obviously love us to win, but for us it’s about qualifying for the Europa League.  We’ll be kept informed as to how the other match is going in our group, and will be ready to adapt our style of play accordingly.”

“We’ll need to be very prepared for this match, considering what happened in the first leg.  We started on the attack last time, and it cost us dearly.  They play amazing football and have been the best team in the group, so I think it would be unwise to go out on the attack from the start.”

“I’ve been so impressed with Málaga’s performance.  I follow the Spanish League and they’ve been playing at a very high level.”

“In the first leg match we started off playing the wrong style of football; our main strength is organisation, and then attempt to play as best we can.  However we found ourselves up against a great team of amazing players, who have a fantastic coach.”