Use the BP MÁLAGA CF bonus card and we’ll fill your tank for free

BP Oil is giving away five prizes of €50 worth of fuel to users of its BP MÁLAGA CF card.


07/05/2021 10:09

Taking part is easy. Just refuel at any BP station, using the BP MÁLAGA CF discount card, and put the receipt for that refuelling in the corresponding box at the MCF Store at La Rosaleda. Make sure to include your name and phone number on the receipt.

Don’t forget that by using the BP OIL MÁLAGA CF immediate discount card, you can enjoy savings of up to € 7 cents per litre, and now your refuelling could be free! If you’re a season ticket holder and you still haven’t got your card, you can claim it at our store.

Take part as many times as you like, the more the better.

See terms and conditions here

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Master tour of La Rosaleda

Masters degree students from LaLiga Business School kicked off a tour of Andalucía yesterday, and after starting in Granada, the second stop was La Rosaleda Stadium.

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Loyal Malaguista

The new permanent Malaguista relationship will be available from tomorrow, Wednesday, allowing fans to maintain a connection with the Club throughout the calendar year, beyond the regular sporting season.