Unity between the Genuine team, The MBC and sponsors

The MCF Foundation team held a ‘press conference’ with questions from the sponsors and representatives from The MBC, on the eve of the LaLiga Genuine Santander opening ceremony.


14/05/2022 13:53

The last stop for the MCF Foundation team in the run-up to the Málaga Phase of LaLiga Genuine Santander. The 16 called-up players for the second phase of this 2021/22 tournament enjoyed a meeting with their sponsors and The MBC members in the ‘Juan Cortés’ press room at La Rosaleda, just before the opening ceremony.

Member of the Foundation’s Social Department, Sebastián Fernández ‘Basti’ presented with his usual charisma the team made up of Seba, Alba, Cristian Verdugo, José Carlos, Pepe, Carlos Hierro, Paula, Cristóbal Ramírez, Pablo Sánchez, Nacho, Antonio Noel, Silvia, Miguel García, Dante, Antonio Álvarez and Pablo Baéz, followed by the coaching team comprising of Irene Padilla, Miguel Ángel Espinosa ‘Espi’, Cristina Cano, Rubén and Lucía, ending with MCF Foundation coordinator, Lucas Rodríguez.

Subsequently, the players, in three groups, sat in the upper part of the press room, to answer the questions raised by the sponsors and members of The MBC.

“The best moment of my life is going to be playing at La Rosaleda,” said Antonio Noel. For Carlos Hierro, the most important thing in sport is “enjoying the camaraderie.” What the whole team agrees on is that “the monitors and teammates help us on a day-to-day basis.” Cristian Verdugo, who travels from Almargen for every training session, commented: “I was welcomed like a part of the family and I love them all very much.” He added: “My dream has always been to play for Málaga CF."

Malaguista judicial administrator, José María Muñoz, was also present. “I would like to thank the Genuine team for the work they do and the sponsors for their support. We value the effort they make, and we know that they’ll give their all on the pitch.” Finally, he highlighted how “important it is that we realise the magnitude of this event, all the teams want to come to Málaga,” he added.

Meanwhile, Lucas Rodríguez, MCF Foundation coordinator stated: “Thank you, it’s a joy to have you with us; MBC businesses, sponsors and the Genuine team. You are a great family. We’re all playing this Málaga Phase, those on the pitch and in the stands.” He also wanted to stress that “the people of the Club and the Foundation have joined forces to make this phase one of the best.” Lastly, he conveyed a message of unity: “We’re in a difficult situation, but we’re a family and we should feel very proud. We’re giving everything we’ve got, and more, to get the Club to where it deserves to be,” he concluded.

Olga de la Fuente, president of Fundación LaLiga, showed her admiration for the Malaguista organisation: “I’m delighted to greet the team at your home, we were so eager to come to Málaga and share this with you and all the families. I also thank the sponsors of the Supercapacitad@s family. We’ve been so impressed by the institutional representation. We’ve had around 20 phases, and we’ve never seen so much representation as this. Thank you for supporting this project,” she said.

Lastly, Basti had a few words of thanks for the Club: “Thank you so much to Málaga CF. Málaga Genuine has been participating in the presentation of the Club's official kit for two years and last year we were the only team to play at La Rosaleda. Thanks, of course, to our sponsors. They make all of this possible,” he concluded.

Following the emotional exchange of messages of support between players, sponsors and members of The MBC, they enjoyed a snack together and posed for a family photo.

Málaga Genuine, we’re with you!

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