Unforgettable fourth edition of the #SiempreFuerte Awards

With the memory of Pablo Ráez ever-present, the Club, via its Foundation, organised this emotional awards gala held at Museo Picasso Málaga.


25/03/2021 17:28

Around 13:00 the curtain went up to reveal one of the biggest stars of the moment, Cristina Morales, "La Nieta del Dulcero" who everyone fell in love with. And of course, a superb Basti presented the event, accompanied by his inseparable Cristina Zumaquero.

The first musical performance featured the artist María Peláe, who performed two well-known songs. Another emotional moment came with the ‘#SiempreFuerte Applause’, this year dedicated to all the health professionals who have looked after us during the pandemic.

The charismatic, enterprising Manolo Rincón, with a perfect example of strength against adversity, designed the award the winners received this year. Whilst “La Nieta del Dulcero” continued to entertain, it was time to focus on the winners.

Patronato Benéfico Santo Domingo, AFENES and Las Hermanitas de los Pobres were the winning social entities. The Abdallah Ben Barek Award was presented to Pepa Moreno, president of Club Balonmano Costa del Sol-Rincón Fertilidad, and a true benchmark of women’s sport in Málaga. Finally, the #SiempreFuerte Special Award went to none other than Antonio Banderas. His words, and those of Pablo’s father, Paco Ráez, moved everyone present. The well-known bicep gesture took centre stage at the end of the gala, together with a group photo that looked very different to other years due to COVID-19. But it was even more emotional, if possible.

“We are all Malaga” summarises the feeling of a Club that, via its Foundation, wants to continue taking Blue and White Values to Málaga society. Staying genuine and fighting against all odds, with the life example of Pablo Ráez always prevalent.

Thanks to Museo Picasso Málaga, Fundación El Pimpi and Cervezas San Miguel for their joint commitment to Málaga Club de Fútbol in one of the most difficult times of our lives, collaborating with us in the fourth edition of these awards that we’ll never forget.

Siempre Fuertes!

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