Trastévere, Italian accent to Play at Home

The pizzeria is now part of the ‘Playing at Home’ Malaguista SME platform, showing its commitment to the Entity.


08/05/2021 11:33

Trastévere is a restaurant specialising in Italian cuisine located on Avenida Cánovas del Castillo 10, in the Malagueta area, next to the Picasso seafront.

With its traditional Mediterranean décor, this spacious restaurant has all the ingredients for customers to enjoy the wonderful family atmosphere. The extensive menu, featuring carpaccios, salads, pastas and pizzas, boasts delicious Italian cuisine for all Malaguistas to enjoy.

The restaurant offers Malaguista season ticket holders 20% off their bill (not available with other promotions). Thank you for your support!

Talking about... Entidad

23/06/2021 12:43 | Organisation

Málaga CF, present at #DestinoTokio

The Club, represented by judicial administrator José María Muñoz and head of the MCF Academy, Duda attended the APDM event to support Olympic athletes in the province.