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Jugamos de Local

Kanival Burger, synonymous with convenience and quality

A new business joins ‘Playing at Home’ with enthusiasm and commitment. Kanival Burguer is already part of our Blue and White SME network. Welcome!

Kanival Burger is a project that promotes producers in the area creating the best hamburgers without losing their origin. Working with high-quality ingredients produced in Andalucía, they offer an exceptional flavour, encourage local commerce and help make a better world.

Located on Calle Alfredo Catalaní, number 2, this is a local business where quality and convenience prevail. ‘Consciousness’, ‘balance’, ‘future’, ‘soul’ and ‘humans’ are their mantras, and they consider themselves “lovers of the earth.” For this reason, they want to return “a little of what it gives us.”

From beef sourced at the Valle de los Pedroches, to potatoes from Antequera. Kanival Burger takes maximum care of each of its ingredients, forming a very careful menu, with starters, hamburgers, and desserts. In addition, they have a wide variety of homemade sauces made from products from Málaga and Andalucía without any type of additive or chemical preservative.

For season ticket holders and Malaguistas, the establishment offers a 12% discount off the bill and 15% off online orders by entering the promotional code BOQUERONES.

They also provide the option of placing orders both for delivery and collection. A magnificent addition to ‘Playing at Home’. Welcome to the Malaguista Family!