Training resumes at La Rosaleda

Following the trip back from Oviedo, Málaga CF returned to training this morning at La Rosaleda’s facilities.


18/05/2021 11:54

The Blue and Whites stepped on to the pitch at La Rosaleda at 11:00 to train under Pellicer’s orders. The starting players from yesterday’s match underwent a less intense session today. The others, including the goalkeepers, trained at a faster pace, combining possession exercises and definition work, as well as a match in a reduced space.

Caye was absent due to an injury to the left anterior brachialis muscle sustained in yesterday’s match, and confirmed by diagnostic tests this morning. Iván Calero focused on specific training at the Annexe alongside Manu Gestoso. Meanwhile Orlando Sá, Luis Muñoz, Benítez, Chavarría and Benkhemassa continued with their respective recovery processes in the gym. Ramón (resting) was also absent.

Tomorrow, Wednesday at 10:30, the second training session of the week for the Malaguistas will get underway at La Rosaleda’s facilities.

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Blue and White Monday is here!

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Enjoy Blue and White Black Friday!

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