Training at the Annexe and La Rosaleda before the match in Gijón

The team carried out the final session before #RealSportingMálaga, alternating between the Annexe and La Rosaleda Stadium.


13/02/2021 13:36

The Blue and Whites stepped on to the pitch at the Annexe at 10:00. Following various physical activation exercises, the team moved on to the main pitch at Martiricos to focus on technical-tactical aspects with the ball.

Lombán and Escassi were re-integrated back into the group which also featured players from the reserve team including Ramón, Ismael, Mini, Cristo and goalkeeper, Strindholm, as well as ‘Juvenil’ player Larrubia and ‘Cadete’ Dean.

Outside the team dynamic today were injured Benkhemassa and reserve team members Hicham and Quintana. Luis Muñoz who took part in the session, sustained a blow to his right foot pending evolution.

Tomorrow, Sunday before 10:00, the Blue and White expedition will depart La Rosaleda for Asturias on a charter flight. At 21:00, Sporting-Málaga will kick-off at El Molinón-Enrique Castro ‘Quini’, corresponding to league matchday 25.

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