This season, we’re Giving Our All!

We ask you to ‘Give Your All’. With courage and fight. We don’t sell smoke. That magic smoke you can see from the outside only hides perseverance, dedication and feeling.


03/06/2021 11:30

We’ve just finished an extremely difficult season. We’ve been through tough times in the past, but we’d never been faced with such adversity without you. Entering an empty La Rosaleda made our souls fall to our feet. Looking at the stands and not seeing you, hearing the kick of the ball but not hearing you, was heart-breaking.

Málaga Club de Fútbol was on a cliff-edge at the end of last season. With our credibility on the floor, our identity damaged and burdened with a stifling debt, we avoided disappearance and achieved the goal of securing our safety in the category, which was no easy feat. That’s how we sealed our place in the Second Division.

A feat is defined as “an achievement that requires great courage, skill, or strength”. Of course, the team's hard work throughout the season has been highlighted by the media and even the top managers of professional football. We’ve read about “The Miracle of Málaga CF” and we’ve even been referred to as “LaLiga SmartBank Champions” taking into account the proportion of budget to results.

We understand your questions: How did you do it? What’s the catch? There’s no trick. Our secret, the one that has allowed us to endure and progress, is carried in our DNA: Giving Our All.

Giving Our All with courage and fight. That’s what it’s about.

We know there’s been a degree of superstition this season…the yellow third kit, the nº13 stud…but it’s not about that.

We don’t sell smoke. This magic smoke you can see from the outside only hides perseverance, dedication and feeling.

How did the Club convince the players of this level to settle for the minimum salary? With honesty. 

And that team commitment? Well, you know about the shield. Anyone who wants to be at the height of this institution has to give 100% which is what this team did.

Making do with the 18 professional players? The victories against the odds? The performance of the homegrown players? The economic recovery? The answer is always the same: GIVING OUR ALL

You’ll be back in the stands. We don’t know how many of you or how, but you’ll be back. The only important thing is that, when you do it, you do it as you do best: GIVING YOUR ALL


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