The people in charge of the MCF Academy

From Atlético Malagueño to the Benjamín and Prebenjamín categories, these are the coaches and assistant coaches for the 2020/21 season.


02/08/2020 17:30

The MCF Academy now has its list of coaches and assistant coaches for the upcoming season. Starting with the duo of Funes and Bravo, who will head up Atlético Malagueño in Third Division Group IX for the upcoming season, here’s the technical structure of the Blue and White youth ranks:



Juvenil 'A'

Coached by Nacho Pérez Santamaría with Juan Manuel Gómez 'Juanma' as assistant coach.

Category: Group IV of División de honor juvenil.

Liga Nacional Juvenil

Juan Jesús Gutiérrez Robles ‘Juanito’ and José Luis Hidalgo ‘Keko’ will be the team coaches.

Category: Group XIII of Liga Nacional Juvenil.

Cadete - División de Honor

José Manuel Castillejo will coach the team, with José Carlos Ramírez his second in command.

Category: División de Honor Cadete.

Infantil 'A'

Dani Medina as first coach and Daniel Arriaza as assistant coach, will head up the team.

Category: Primera Andaluza Infantil.

Infantil 'B'

Carlos Guerrero and Cristian Portillo, first and second coaches respectively, will take charge of the second Infantil grassroots team.

Category: Segunda Andaluza Infantil.



Alevín 'A'

Dani Pérez, first coach and Víctor Pardo, assistant coach.

Category: Segunda Andaluza Alevín.

Alevín 'B'

First coach and head of the group: Fernando Moreno.

Assistant coach: Pedro Bazán.

Assistant coach: Francisco Flores.

Category: Tercera Andaluza Alevín.


Coordinator of Benjamines and Prebenjamines: Óscar Jiménez.

First Benjamín coach: Alberto Montoro.

Assistant coach: Christian Bueno.

Category: Segunda Andaluza Benjamín.


First coach: Óscar Jiménez.

Assistant coach: Dani Díaz.

Category: Tercera Andaluza Prebenjamín.

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