The MCF School bids farewell to the 20/21 season

The Blue and White teams headed to the Federación Malagueña to receive the end-of-season medals.


23/06/2021 19:29

The end of the season brings with it goodbyes and ends of cycles. This year the MCF School, with the help of main sponsor Grupo Limsama, adapted to the circumstances of the pandemic to allow the young Malaguistas to continue enjoying football, training and learning.

As such, the closing of the 20/21 season was a special one. The end of a difficult year, but one where our players were able to continue with their training. The boys and girls wore their Malaguista kits to receive their medals and bid farewell to their teachers and teammates until next season.

Lucas Rodríguez, MCF Foundation coordinator and Pedro Valencia, vice president of the MCF School presented the various distinctions to the teams that make up the MCF School. Málaga Club de Fútbol’s judicial administrator, José María Muñoz didn’t want to miss such a special day for the children and their families, and posed with the groups for the #MalaguistaFamily photos.

Although the season is now over, don’t worry Malaguistas as the MCF Summer Camp gets underway on 8th June. Don’t miss it!

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