The MBC unites to celebrate the festive season

Members of Málaga CF’s Business Club got together at Finca ‘La Tosca’ to enjoy a pleasant, relaxed evening of networking.


16/12/2017 14:29

The MBC is a family that doesn’t stop growing, and like all families, comes together to celebrate the festive season. The members of the Business Club went to Finca ‘La Tosca’ de Doña Francisquita the day before yesterday, where they strengthened their existing ties and synergies.

María Alonso, representative of Ferrovial, tells the Club media: “It’s not networking through obligation, we all want to be here”.

Meanwhile, Juan Borrajo, from Bilba Construcciones, explains: “The atmosphere from the outset is very close and relaxed, and many relationships are made”.

For a prosperous 2018, The MBC!

(*) See photo gallery from the event here

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EnPie, always tailored to Málaga CF

EnPie Publicidad Exterior is a Málaga company proud to support the Blue and White colours. In addition, this firm was one of the first to join The MBC and is responsible for taking care of every detail at La Rosaleda stadium.