The MBC attends presentation of José Alberto

Málaga Club de Fútbol’s business club enjoyed the final event of the 20/21 season, the new coach’s presentation press conference in La Rosaleda’s VIP area.


05/06/2021 18:37

The MBC continues to enjoy face-to-face events. This time around the Club wanted the members of the business club to be part of a special day to thank them for their support during such an unusual, turbulent season. The Malaguista Family attended José Alberto López’s press conference, accompanied by judicial administrator, José María Muñoz.

After passing the relevant antigen test, the members of The MBC headed to the VIP area at La Rosaleda. Head of Málaga CF’s Business Department, Carlos Arias welcomed the business club members, all seated suitably socially distanced, and told them what the event would entail. The guests would see the presentation press conference of new Malaguista first team coach, José Alberto at La Rosaleda Stadium.

Following the press conference, the coach and sporting director, Manolo Gaspar joined the meeting to have a chat with the guests.

The MBC bid farewell to the 20/21 campaign on what was an enjoyable, relaxed day, and are looking forward to seeing Málaga CF again soon.

Enjoy the holidays, The MBC!

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