The Malaguista Olympus awaits you!

During #MálagaLasPalmas, our season ticket holder Laura Coronado visited La Rosaleda’s new VIP zone with her family. Now it’s your turn, Malaguista.


23/11/2021 17:57

The Olympus is an isolated space for the most fortunate. For Blue and White fans, the Malaguista Olympus is an ideal space to enjoy an unforgettable time with their beloved team and companions.

This is a favourite place to watch Málaga CF games at La Rosaleda. With a minimum of four people and a maximum of eight, Malaguistas can enjoy an exquisite lunch or dinner, depending on the match time. Doña Francisquita will be in charge of the food; whilst you savour the views of our beautiful temple. From lunches at high tables in a more relaxed atmosphere, to dinners with perfectly dressed tables under a distinguished and sophisticated aura.

Coinciding with the number of gods that inhabited the Olympus, the Malaguista Olympus will be enabled for the remaining twelve LaLiga SmartBank matches. The space isn’t available until 2022, since the fastest Malaguistas have reserved it for the Blue and White matches against SD Amorebieta and CD Leganés, the last two matchdays at La Rosaleda in 2021.

If you want to enjoy a unique experience in 2022, contact the Club via email at Enjoy La Rosaleda from a different and very special place. The Malaguista Olympus awaits you!

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29/11/2021 09:52 | Members / Associations / Followers / Tickets

Blue and White Monday is here!

The response from fans during the two consecutive matches at La Rosaleda was spectacular. As such, Malaguistas, you deserve a gift. Season ticket holders, for every ticket you buy, we’ll give you another one free!

25/11/2021 09:56 | Members / Associations / Followers

Enjoy Blue and White Black Friday!

Malaguista, now’s your time. Between 25th and 28th November, make the most of the discounts on items from previous seasons in our official stores.