The great ‘remote’ Supercapacitad@s gala

COVID-19 couldn’t stop Málaga Genuine from holding its now traditional event to welcome the new season. However, this time around it was on screen.


09/10/2020 14:18

The new reality has changed society’s day to day and adapting is key. This is something which the members of the Supercapacitad@s School are expert at.

During these times of social distancing and health protocol, large events have been cancelled or postponed until its safe for everyone to attend. Nevertheless, the Great Supercapacitad@s Gala was a resounding success, albeit remotely.

The close to 100 guests donned their finery and got comfortable on their sofas to ‘attend’ this significant event via their digital device, wonderfully presented by Basti and Carlos Pariente.

Far from being cold and impersonal, the participants gave one another a virtual hug through the screens.

As well as the 64 members of the team, counting the 11 incorporations this season, also in attendance were Malaguista judicial administrator, José María Muñoz; director of LaLiga Foundation, Olga de la Fuente; godmother of the project and delegate of Education and Sport in the Junta de Andalucía, Mercedes García Paine; CaixaBank Business Manager, Ana Belén Morales; director of Sport at Málaga Provincial Council, Laura Moreno; councillor for Sport at Málaga City Hall, Noelia Losada; general manager of Sanamar Alimentación, Jesús Gutiérrez; and director of Málaga Deporte Eventos, José Luis Paradas Romero.

During this Genuine presentation, projects including the Employability, Environmental and Social Work Workshops were announced. Three ways in which the Malaguista players will grow and develop at the hands of the best professionals.

Their boots aren’t on yet, but no mask could ever hide the smiles of our Supercapacitad@s.

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