The Funes-Bravo duo takes over the reserve team

Atlético Malagueño renews its coaching team with the incorporations of Juan Francisco Funes and Francis Bravo as first and second coaches of the Blue and White reserve team.


30/06/2020 14:37

The symbolic date of 30th June, the day the season comes to an end each year, with the exception of this season due to the COVID-19 crisis. A new era at Club Atlético Malagueño gets underway today ahead of the 2020/21 campaign in the Third Division.

New coach, Juan Francisco Funes Arjona (Loja, 25/06/1983), has accumulated significant experience, despite his young age, in Group IX of the Third Division. He arrives here from El Palo FC, where he’s led the team for the past three seasons. He was at his hometown club, Loja CD twice (2009-2014 and 2015-17) as first and second coach. In addition, in 14/15, he coached Vélez CF, and in Segunda B, as second coach with CD Guijuelo.

In addition, a legend of Malaguismo returns, a former player and more recently as coach with The MCF Academy. Francisco Javier López Bravo (Málaga, 06/04/1974) will be the second coach of Malagueño 20/21, bringing his extensive career and knowledge of the category to the team.

As coach, Bravo took the reins of CD Rincón this past season in the División de Honor Andaluza. In 18/19 he coached Málaga CF in the División de Honor juvenil and, beforehand, left his stamp on Rincón de la Victoria with a promotion and three great seasons in the Third Division between 2015 and 2018.

Enthusiastic, committed and a well-matched tandem, Funes and Bravo have sealed their commitment to the Club for the next two seasons. Judicial administrator, José María Muñoz, as well as Manolo Gaspar and Duda, wished them the best of luck at the helm of Atlético Malagueño.


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“We’re going to make the perfect tandem”

Funes and Bravo are happy and excited about the new project they’re heading up at the helm of Atlético Malagueño. Welcomed by Duda, as seen in the image accompanying the MCFTV video, the harmony is clear.