The Chapman family, true Malaguistas

Mercy and James Chapman are a classic Malagueño married couple who share a passion for football. Málaga CF season ticket holders for 24 seasons, they have passed on their love for the team colours to their five children.


20/06/2022 09:00

Classic Malagueños, maybe not, as this couple wasn’t born in our beloved province. Mercy was born some 8,000 kilometres away. Her husband James is a little closer to us, 2,300 kilometres…She is from India, he’s from the UK, but their hearts are clearly on the Costa del Sol. 

The passion with which Mercy speaks shows she’s as much from Málaga as anyone born here. “This is my house, this is my home,” she said, visibly emotional when asked.

This couple arrived in Mijas Costa 40 years ago, where they made their home. Little by little they built a house featuring countless Málaga CF shields. Mercy and James opened their doors to tell us about their extraordinary passion.

Speaking to MCFTV, James said he became an MCF season ticket holder to be able to strengthen the bond with his children. They barely saw their dad as he was working so hard. That first match against Real Betis marked a before and after in the family. Next it was Mercy who fell in love with La Rosaleda from the outset. What happened next? More than 23 years of loyalty to these colours.

Mercy has been the stadium’s official speaker, president of the International Malaguista Peña and vice-president of the Federation of Peñas Malaguistas. In addition, she has been a correspondent for a British newspaper on the Costa del Sol for several years.

Mercy and James are an example of Malaguismo. They may not have been born here, but they feel Málaga is their home. For them, Loving Our Own is non-negotiable.

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