Thank you to the Málaga CF Veterans

The association of former Blue and White players has sent a message of support to the Entity. The Club greatly appreciates this gesture of affection.


04/09/2020 13:25

La Rosaleda’s offices continue to receive constant messages of support. On this occasion, the Málaga CF Veterans, known as Málaga CF Forever, wrote the following letter:

The Association of Málaga CF Veterans (Málaga CF Forever) would like to express our feelings about the Club’s current situation.

We would like to convey our total support to the Entity and the measures that have had to be taken by Jose María Muñoz as judicial administrator, with the aim of securing the Club’s viability.

We understand that these are extremely difficult decisions to take, our colleagues have been wronged, but they are situations that have been caused due to poor management years ago.

We make ourselves available to the Club and to Jose María for whatever they need, that we are able to help with. Always seeking stability for the Club and for the necessary recovery of MCF, the Club we feel is our second home.

Many of us have spent several years loving, fighting, suffering and, in many cases, enjoying these colours.

Therefore, against all odds, we’ll stick together to come out of this situation in the best way possible.

In addition, we would like to use this statement to convey a message of support to the entire society for the bad times that we are experiencing, to a greater or lesser extent, due to the pandemic that is impacting us all.

Thank you.

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10/12/2019 17:44 | Veterans

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