Tactics and strategy in the penultimate session of the week

Málaga CF resumed training this Friday morning at La Rosaleda’s Annexe. Caye Quintana is back in the group dynamic, along with ‘juvenil’ striker, Loren Zúñiga.


30/04/2021 12:33

Led by Sergio Pellicer, this morning’s session, lasting a little under an hour and a half, kicked off with several activation exercises, tactics and strategic set piece actions.

Caye returned to the team of 14 professionals and 12 homegrown players, including the return of Loren. Luis Muñoz and long-term injured Calero trained under the supervision of physical trainer, Manu Gestoso, undergoing specific work on the pitch.

Mejías remained in the gym today, along with Chavarría and Hicham, completing the quota of injured players with Benkhemassa and Jozabed.

Goalkeeper Miguel de la Osa was new to training today from the reserve team. Benítez, Mini, Ramón, Ismael, Julio and birthday boy Cristo were also in training with the first team, together with ‘juveniles’ Roberto, Andrés, Haitam, Larrubia and the aforementioned Loren.

Tomorrow, Saturday around 10:00, the final training session of the week will get underway at La Rosaleda. Pellicer will then hold a remote press conference at 13:00 at the ‘Juan Cortés’ press room ahead of #EspanyolMálaga.

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