Tactical session at La Rosaleda

Málaga CF returned to training this Wednesday morning with the addition of the gradual return of Ramón to the group.


24/03/2021 11:57

In training under the orders of Pellicer at La Rosaleda Stadium today were goalkeepers Dani Barrio, Juan Soriano and reserve team keeper Gonzalo, plus 22 players including reserve team members Benítez, Quintana, Mini, Cristo, Julio and Kevin and ‘juveniles’ Larrubia, Loren, Andrés and Haitam.

During the session that focused on tactics, new today was Ramón, who continued his gradual reincorporation into the group, and Escassi, who underwent the first part of the session with the rest of the group.

Hicham and Joaquín underwent specific training in the gym, whilst Ismael Casas alternated between physiotherapy treatment and specific training at the Annexe. Lombán (COVID-19) and Orlando Sá (with the Club’s permission) remained outside the team dynamic, along with Calero and Chavarría, suffering with long-term injury, who continued with their respective recovery processes.

Tomorrow, Thursday at 10:30, the Malaguistas’ third session of the week will get underway at La Rosaleda’s facilities.

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