Supercapacitad@s and the Environment

The Supercapacitad@s Football School carried out the first Environmental workshop with the collaboration of Málaga-based company, PROAMB.


14/10/2020 19:21

On Tuesday, remotely via the Zoom platform, our beloved Málaga Genuine took another step forward in their desire to progress, grow and continue learning with each activity they undertake, always full of enthusiasm and a big smile.

Thanks to PROAMB, a company whose priority is to protect the environment in order to achieve adequate spatial planning that allows for sustainable development and growth, a remote workshop was held, focused on the selective separation of waste in homes.

The Malaguista Supercapacitad@s enjoyed a very active and exciting session, the first of the 2020/21 season. In terms of sport, the MCF Foundation team will undertake the first training session of the new season tomorrow, Thursday from 4pm.

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