Supercapacitados School ends the 20/21 season

The MCF Foundation celebrates the closing of the season for the Football School for People with Intellectual Disability, with a very special ceremony.


23/07/2021 11:37

The Supercapacitados School celebrated the end of the season at the Federación Malagueña de Fútbol ground, the same place where their training sessions take place. It was a special day for the Club and the Foundation that nobody wanted to miss.

The players received a medal for their good performance during this unusual year. Despite the difficult situation, they showed their willingness to continue enjoying, learning and training through the MCF Foundation. It wasn’t just football that took centre stage, the players also underwent various training, educational and cultural activities that proved to be very enriching.

The players themselves painted the MCF Foundation logo on a canvas to later thank the sponsors present at the event for their support. The Diputación de Málaga, “la Caixa” Foundation, SANAMAR Alimentación, Malaga City Hall, as well as PROAMB, a collaborating company specialising in environmental sustainability. In addition, Mercedes García Paine was also in attendance, the so-called godmother of the Supercapacitad@s.

Representing the Club was José María Muñoz, president of the Board of the MCF Foundation, who didn’t want to miss the event and brought it to a close with a few words of thanks to the families and players.

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A SUPERability session

The Malaguistas enjoyed a very special day at the Annexe, sharing training with Málaga Genuine players to commemorate #WorldDisabilityDay.