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Always Playing at Home

The network of Blue and White companies continues to support Málaga CF, with the addition of four new members from different sectors that allow for increased promotions and benefits for Loyal Malaguistas.

The businesses ‘Playing at Home’ have it clear. Now more than ever, they are at Málaga CF’s side. The network of Blue and White SMEs offers Loyal Malaguistas an extensive range of advantages in the form of discounts and promotions.

The companies linked to the Entity are located throughout the province and are easily recognisable by the circular sticker with the QR code in the middle, the access to all Malaguista businesses with their respective options.

Make the most of these available advantages! And if you want your company to become part of Playing at Home, click here.

Four new businesses joined the Malaguista SME network in May. Welcome!

  • The company specialising in holiday rentals in Andalucía grants Loyal Malaguistas a discount of 100 euros on reservations over 400.
  • Casa Mira. Considered to be the oldest ice cream parlour in Málaga, founded in 1890, it has three locations in the capital, on Calle Larios, Calle Císter and Avenida del Mayorazgo.
  • Centro Auditivo José Luis Domínguez. Located in the central Calle Sancha de Lara and with almost 50 years of experience in the sector, it gives Loyal Malaguistas a 15% discount on the purchase of hearing aids.
  • CA Mudanzas. The transport and storage business, with three warehouses in Málaga province and a proven track record since the year 2000, applies a 10% discount to Blue and White season ticket holders on the removal service.


Malaguista, what do you fancy doing? Check out these amazing offers:

Something to eat?

Matacopas (C/ Pirandello 16, Málaga) – 10% discount for Loyal Malaguista and companion.

Bar América (C/ San Ginés 38, Torremolinos) – 10% discount on the entire menu.

Helados Cremades (Paseo Marítimo de Pedregalejo and Paseo Marítimo de El Palo, Playa Virginia, Málaga) – Free home delivery.

Araboka Restaurante (Calle Pedro de Toledo, 4) – 5% discount off the bill.

El Pimpi (Calle Granada, 62, Málaga) – Free sweet wine on purchases over €20.

Mar de Verum (Calle Olmos, 43, Centro Comercial Next Shopping, Málaga) - 10% discount off the bill.

Taberna La Biznaga (Calle Antígona, 10, Málaga) – Invitation for a drink after the meal.

Marisquería La Peregrina Centro (Calle Madre de Dios 37, Málaga) - ‘Caldito de Pintarroja’ tasting.

Casa Mira (Calle Larios 5, Calle Císter 8 and Avenida Mayorazgo 22, Málaga)

Restaurante Ummo (Paseo Cerrado de Calderón 13, local 13, Málaga) - 10% discount off the bill.


Health comes first

Vithas (Avda. Pintor Sorolla 2, Málaga) – 20% discount on COVID-19 tests for season ticket holders and their families.

Silvia Moreno Poom (Alameda Principal, 38, Málaga) - 20% discount in store on any treatment.

Clínica Áncora (Avda. de Sor Teresa Prat, 57) – Free annual check-up and cleaning.

Clínica Dental Paniagua (Calle Ildefonso Marzo, 2, Locales 1 y 2 Bajo, Málaga) – Free first consultation.

OirT (Alameda Principal, 44, Málaga) – Free hearing test at their centres. Free 30-day trial of hearing aids including invisible hearing aids, rechargeable hearing aids, and bluetooth accessories. Special discounts on all items with a five-year warranty and loss, breakage and theft insurance (according to the conditions of the warranty). Free quarterly reviews for five years. Hearing rehabilitation, replacement hearing aids in case of failure during the first five years, with a guarantee of total satisfaction with a free trial for 30 days at no cost.

Clínica Doctora Mariana Arocha (Plaza de las Flores, 2, 3º Derecha, Málaga) – 15% discount on any dental treatment and 10% on any facial aesthetic treatment.

QIcenter Germán Navas (Alameda de Colón, 16, office 3) - 20% off all treatments.

Clínica Dental RG (Avenida del Atabal 3, Málaga) – Free cleaning and X-Ray in the first consultation, and 30% discount depending on the treatment.

Centro Auditivo José Luis Domínguez (Calle Sancha de Lara 13, Málaga) - 15% discount on the purchase of hearing aids.


Malaguista home

Citicasa (Calle la Unión, 41, Málaga) - 10% discount.

Maxcolchón (Parque Comercial Bahía Sur - Avda. Montserrat Caballé s/n, Local 1-1) - 17% discount on all products.

Bioimsa Control de Plagas (Calle Río Sil, 11, Málaga) – On hiring any service, you’ll receive a BIOIMSA cap, so the sun won’t stop you from enjoying your favourite team.


Looking after your finances

Autokey (No physical HQ, the van travels the entire province) – 10% discount.

Moral Aceros y Paneles (Calle Hemingway, 19, Málaga) - 5% discount.

Más Que Asesores (Calle Juan Cabanilles, 11, floor 4, office 416, Málaga) - 20% discount on 2022 tax returns. Special promotions and free first consultations for the self-employed.

CLIMATECHMALAGA (Calle Emilio Prados, 8, Málaga) - 15% discount on new air conditioning installations, photovoltaic or production of domestic hot water and 20% off the first preventive maintenance contract of the air conditioning system.

AV Consultores (Calle Pedro de Lobo, 4, Málaga) – Energy audit and free self-consumption study.

Ruralidays (Plaza Villa de Castelldefels, 1, entreplanta, office 4 Bis, Málaga) – Up to €100 discount on all reservations using the discount code MÁLAGACF.

Mosaico Soluciones (Calle Curtidores, 1, Bajo, Málaga) - 5% discount.

Centro Comercial Málaga Plaza (Calle Armengual de la Mota, 12) – 10% discount on 16-hour passes in the car park.

Tu Guía Online (Calle Manuel Cubeiro, 14, Oficina 3, Torremolinos) - 10% discount on all services.


Cars and more

BP – bp Bonus Card featuring discounts on refuelling. The discount cards can be collected at our La Rosaleda store.

Talleres Carrión (Avda. Andalucía 8, Cártama-Estación) - 25% discount on labour.

Navarro Hermanos (Calle la Orotava, 4, Polígono El Viso) – 10% discount on the purchase of electric bikes and 15% off the purchase of standard bikes on presentation of your season ticket.



Pirandello Formación (Calle Pirandello, 16, 1ª Planta) – 50% discount on the first month.

Autoescuelas Torcal – Free theory test.

ESESA IMF (Avenida Sor Teresa Prat, 15, Módulo E-0) – 5% individual on the current commercial discount and 10% for a group (more than five people).



Benalma Hotel (N-340, km 217, Benalmádena) - 10% discount. PROMOCODE: SOYMALAGUISTA.

Soho Boutique Hotels (Alameda Principal, 3, Málaga) – 15% discount off reservations.

Parque Infantil Multiaventura (Calle Arroyo de Totalán, 36, CC Rincón de la Victoria) – 10% discount on the use of the facilities.

DLP Viajes (Calle Félix Solesio, 3. Arroyo de la Miel -Benalmádena).

Karting del Sol (Nacional-340, kilómetro 268, Almayate, Málaga) - 20% discount on karting for Loyal Malaguistas.


On wheels

Garum Motor (Avda. Juan XXIII, Málaga) – Extra 5-year warranty on your new vehicle. Used cars with €300 discount. 25% discount on workshop maintenance operations.

Torino Motor (Calle Cuevas Bajas, 11, Málaga) – Free 3-year maintenance plan or equivalent discount when purchasing a new or second-hand vehicle from the dealer's brands.

CV Motor (Calle Licurgo, 49, Málaga) – 5% discount on cash payments.

Cormosa (Calle Sigfrido, Polígono Industrial Alameda, Málaga). 10% discount on workshop repairs and the purchase of spare parts. When buying a new or used car, you’ll receive a €200 gift voucher to redeem at the spare parts and accessories store.  

Málaga Wagen (Avenida Velázquez, 62, Málaga) - €500 discount on the purchase of a new and used vehicle, in addition to other brand offers. 10% off labour and spare parts on visits to their workshops.

Málaga Sport Tuning (Calle Alejandro Dumas, 1, Málaga) - 10% discount at their facilities.

Angal VI (Domicilio C/ Malta nº 17, Polígono Guadalhorce, Málaga) – 10% discount on labour for all Loyal Malaguistas who present their season ticket.

Tahermo Renault (Avenida Velázquez, 186; Calle Afredo Corrochano, 109, Málaga). New vehicle purchase promo: Renault (€500 / Dacia: €300). Purchase of a second-hand vehicle: maintenance gift for one year or 20,000 km.

Automóviles Nieto (Calle Hermanos Lumière 6-8, Polígono Santa Bárbara, Málaga) – €600 discount on a new Hyundai vehicle, and €400 on a pre-owned or used vehicle. Consult conditions, discount cannot be combined with other discount promotions.


A touch of colour

Pinturas Málaga Sol (Calle Marea Baja, 5, Málaga) – 10% discount in-store.

Pinturas Andalucía (Avenida de Los Vegas, 50, local 3) – Special conditions.