See how the 3-0 victory was shaped against Real Oviedo

MCFTV followed the Malaguista squad from when the lads arrived at La Rosaleda until the match ended, with some euphoric moments!


14/05/2019 17:59

Málaga CF achieved a big 3-0 win against Real Oviedo yesterday, Monday at La Rosaleda. The Blue and White fans watched a superb match played by Víctor Sánchez del Amo’s men on the pitch, but MCFTV uncovers how the victory came about.

From the arrival at La Rosaleda, the moments before stepping on to the pitch, the return to the dressing room following Ontiveros’ goal, and ending with the ecstasy after the final whistle. Three points won after being a player down for around 60 minutes.

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José’s Blue and White idyll

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The presentation of Okazaki

Shinji Okazaki has unleashed passions amongst the Malaguistas and himself…He was delighted to get to know La Rosaleda and see his name screen printed in Japanese on the Blue and White shirt. Enjoy with MCFTV the best moments of the striker’s presentation.