Ruth undergoes surgery on anterior cruciate ligament

The Málaga CF Femenino player had the operation on Wednesday on her right knee. A reconstruction of the cruciate ligament was carried out as well as the suture of the internal meniscus of said joint.


07/11/2019 09:40

The surgery, which occurred without incident, took place in the afternoon of Wednesday 6th November by doctors Abel Gómez Cáceres and Francisco Javier Martínez Malo at Hospital CHIP. During the intervention, the reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament of the right knee was carried out as well as the suture of the meniscus of said joint.

The Malagueña defender spent the night in hospital and will be discharged on Thursday, 24 hours post-surgery.

Ruth sustained injury last week during a training session after suffering a blow to her right knee. The player will now begin the recovery process.

Get well soon, captain! 

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