Rut, where the future of Málaga rests

The university residence, located in the Teatinos neighbourhood, has an agreement with the Club by which the young talents within The Academy who are not from Málaga can stay at their facilities.


14/06/2019 14:30

As a football club, Málaga CF educates young people within the world of sport, but in the same way never forgets the other aspects of life. Blue and White values, that are not only taught on the football pitch, but are also learnt at Rut, a university residence located in Teatinos. Some of the newest Blue and White talent resides there, who have arrived on the Costa del Sol from various locations in Spain and around the world, thanks to an agreement between the university residence and Málaga CF.

Alberto Beníto García, general coordinator at Rut tells MCFTV about the close link between both entities. “We have many players from the reserve and juvenil teams; we take care of more than 20 kids”, he said. In addition, he points out that the promotion of sport at grassroots level is one of the foundations at Rut. “We contribute to the promotion of grassroots sports, including football.  We host several foreign teams who come here to Málaga for a training camp,” he explained.

To find out more about the Rut University Residence, visit their website:

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