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Press conference

Roberto: “We’ll give our all in Tarragona; we haven't done anything yet”

The Malaguista double goal-scorer appeared before the media after the victory in the first leg of the final for promotion. “We leave with that small advantage, and we’ll fight until the end in the second leg,” he commented.

Victory against a good rival

“They are a pretty complicated and tough team. Yet we got the victory, which is what we wanted. We leave with that small advantage and we’ll fight until the end in the second leg."

A 20-goal streak

“What I’m experiencing this year is amazing. I am helping the team and the Club, which has taught me values ​​since I was little. I have to live it with my feet on the ground, there is one match left and let's see if we can score another goal.”

Short result

“We have a small advantage, which is always welcome. We could have scored a few more goals, we are going to Tarragona to put the cherry on top of this season.”

A very Malaguista dressing room

“The vast majority of us are Malagueños or Malaguistas, and this dressing room has that sense of belonging. We’re euphoric, but we haven’t done anything yet. If we do it, we can celebrate as good Malagueños and Malaguistas, which most of us are.”