Raquel: “It’s a privilege to compete in the Copa de la Reina”

The Blue and White midfielder analyses MCFF’s Cup rival, Atlético de Madrid Femenino. “They’re a tough opponent, but we can play a good role” affirmed Raquel García to MCFTV.


22/10/2018 13:45

Copa de la Reina debut

“It’s a privilege for us to compete in the Copa de la Reina for the first time. We’d not talked about any specific rival, but the team has already faced Atlético de Madrid and knows more or less their style of play”.

More experience

“Málaga CF Femenino is a completely different team, we are the same players but with a lot more enthusiasm. We have more confidence and are gaining experience in the First Division”.

Atlético de Madrid

“Atleti is a team that is playing in the Champions and coming up against the best teams in Europe. They’re a very strong rival, which they’re showing both in the Champions and in the League, and will go all out for the Cup, which we saw last year when they reached the final”.


“They’re a tough opponent, but we have our own level of enthusiasm and determination, and with the work we’re doing every day, we can play a good role”.